Expressions of Jewish Music

Ever since I trained as a classical vocalist and studied music theory in high school, I have found comfort in music. I love singing, playing the guitar, piano, ukulele, percussion, harmonica, and, currently, the accordion! I enjoyed musical training with Rabbi Micah Shapiro in Boston and Nava Tehila in Jerusalem. My videos and rough tracks below represent my relationship with Hebrew poetry, folk music, and communal singing.


Original Music - Shabbos Jams

During the pandemic, I experimented with writing, recording, and mixing my own music. I am eager to share new music recordings, HERE! These [super rough] tracks embody my spiritual practice during Shabbat—the Jewish day of the week dedicated to joy, rest, harmony, and togetherness. As such, I have entitled the E.P. of sorts Shabbos Jams. If you wish to sing, or jam, along, HERE are basic charts.

A gratitude bomb for everyone who guided me with musical, technical, and emotional support throughout this process: Elana Arian, Jake Barker, Liz Chase, Max Goldberg, R. Jen Gubitz, R. David Jaffe, C. Jenna McMillan, R. Micah Shapiro, and Chris Vallejo. A special thanks to Yaniv Singerman for planting seeds for Hineh El Yishuati.


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Additionally, feel free to check out my Soundcloud account for other tunes I've created or helped to bring to life.