Jewish Curricula and Lesson Plans

I have written a number of curricula and one-off lesson plans about Jewish language, literature, history, liturgy, and holidays. My lessons have helped me teach students from five to ninety-five years old in settings such as religious school, summer camp, and adult Torah study.


For my Teaching Rabbinic Literature's final assessment, I created a curriculum that explores the rabbinic corpus’ keen awareness of healthy makhloket, or dispute, by way of its redaction history, methods of study, narratives, doctrines, and moral attributes. This curriculum focuses on weekly remote instruction of Jewish high school learners in the context of an American Reform synagogue religious school setting.

I taught Torah Study at Leo Baeck Temple's Saturday biweekly Morning Minyan and created this source sheet as a means of deepening learning of Torah, commentary, and personal anecdotes. My hope was to create a space during the Hanukkah season for participants to explore family dynamics in Torah and in our lives.

During the pandemic, I was grateful to partner with Beth Hillel Roma during the Passover season. I led their congregation's community seder and developed this supplement in order to create a meaningful Passover experience that included English, Italian, and Hebrew-speakers alike.